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Our lives are all fast paced and it takes a toll on our health. The effects of the stress may not show up for years! We can help you to control the stress and anxiety. The difference it can make in your life will touch every area of your life.

Sherry Todd

Certified Meditation Instructor
Certified Mindfulness Instructor
Certified Life Coach
TM Practitioner
Reiki Level II Practitioner

I am a movement and energy practitioner with a rich and varied professional journey. My life in the corporate community, with over 30 years of management, accounting and marketing experience, exhausted me and nearly broke me. If only I had known then the things I know now about how to focus, control stress and lesson anxiety. I am now focused on holistic practices. With a history of working within the medical community, I look for the science behind my holistic practices.

I work with a commitment to Tibetan Philosophy maintaining an open flow of creative energy to assist others on their path to find balance and harmony while raising awareness of their energy and capacity to live a well-balanced life. I enjoy teaching others how to take control of their lives and help them to spread the peace and balance in their surroundings.

Most of my life, I lived in Texas, born and raised in the Dallas area and went to college just North of Dallas. I spent several years in the deep piney woods of East Texas before moving to the Midwest. I now live in a small town in Iowa on the Mississippi River.

I was always into organics and herbal healing but around 2008 I began looking for more. I had Fibromyalgia and after a week-long business trip to Atlanta I was unable to raise my arms over my head and could barely get myself home that day. I was already on 7 medications and was taking meds to lessen side-effects of other meds. I had been in the hospital twice because doctors thought I was having a heart attack.

Over the next few months I began seeing a Holistic Practitioner in East Texas. He gave my life back to me! My journey was furthered with Yoga and learning about the 8 Limbs of Yoga. From there, I could not stop learning, experiencing and expanding my mind. And I still learn something new most days.

Update: In March of 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a double mastectomy, I was left with lymphedema in my arms and trunk. Due to this life changing event, you will see much information on this site about living with lymphedema. Meditation, Mindfulness and Reiki have brought me thru a lot of this journey but regular care is required to deal with lymphedema. I hope that this information finds it’s way to others with this disease and that it helps them in some way.

All services now being offered through video conferencing as well as locally!