Staying Focused and Productive

1. Time Is On Your Side!

Now that you are working from home, the lines between home and family and work become more and more blurred. Try to schedule your time for work and family time. Do your best to not discriminate on your work patterns, so that you don’t end up procrastinating during the actual work hours and stay up all night to make up for the backlogs. This can become a habit quickly! — Set goals and time limits and use alerts to keep you on task.

2. You May Not Be Able To Control Your Office Space, But You Can Control How You Use It

If the couch or dining table has become your office space, that’s fine! Whatever works for you! But, if you are not comfortable it will cause decreased production. Keep your back straight and avoid slouching. Bad posture will wear you out quickly and cause pain in areas of your body that you had not even thought about. Sit on a firm surface, but not hard. Get your feet up if you can and remember to get up often, especially if you do not have a proper chair and work space.

3. Breathe

Did you know that breathing is also an exercise? No mater how you are sitting, remember to take some deep breaths. Learn to do abdominal breathing! Breathing helps to calm your mind. A calm brain is a highly effective brain! (See Belly Breathing article below).

4. Work Outside Some

Hey let’s take advantage of this! If you are working on a laptop, you have the freedom of movement! Sit on your deck or porch for a bit. Walk down to the coffee shop and sit at an outdoor table for a bit. Spend some time in the open air and soak up some Vitamin D if you can!

5. Charge Your Laptop When You Take A Recharge Break!

Schedule your breaks!! This is important. Make yourself get up and move around at least once an hour for 5 minutes. Go to the restroom, get another glass of water or cup of tea or coffee, move your body, breathe and get a few minutes of exercise if you can. Have a scheduled pattern of working and recharging. While you are recharging, plug in your laptop and bluetooth headset for a few minutes!

6. Act Like You Are Going To Work When You Get Out Of Bed

Prioritize your life. It is easy to slip in to bad habits when you never leave your house. It is so tempting to stay in your jammies all day. Force yourself to get up on time, take a shower, make your bed, do some yoga, take 20 minutes to meditate, get dressed, brush your hair and get on down the hall to your make-shift office. You will be surprised at how much more productive you are if you are dressed and ready for work!

7. Don’t Let Inactivity Get into Your Muscles

If your movement is basically walking from your office space to the restroom and refrigerator, you are doing some major damage to your body. Lack of movement can make you tired and cause your mind to lose focus, not to mention the physical harm you are doing to your entire body! That is for another article though! Give yourself at least 15 minutes of full-body exercise. Run if you are a runner, do some yoga if you are a yogi, take the dog for a quick walk, dance with the kids, whatever works for you, but move your butt! If you feel like you need a nap in the afternoon, make sure you are drinking enough water and get up and move!

8. Get Rid Of The Clutter

Crazy as this sounds, it makes a huge difference! I wish I was a minimalist, but I am not and probably never will be. Declutter as much as you can and clear off all flat surfaces. An organized and well-maintained home can give you a ton of peace, and amazingly make it easier to focus on your work. This is a big project for most of us and can be overwhelming. Maybe we will make this a future project to do together. But for now, wherever your workspace is, clear it out. If you are working from your living room, make the kids pick up all their toys at night before they go to bed. Pick up the dogs toys. Put the mail in a tray somewhere out of sight. Don’t move your laundry from the dryer to the sofa! Make sure you have plenty of light! Light is a biggy. A dark room will relax you but it will make you too relaxed and you will want to take a nap. If you are working from the kitchen, clear off your countertops and the table you are working from. Put dishes in the dishwasher and open up those blinds!

Send me your ideas for a work-from-home space! This is going to be permanent for many of us so let’s make the best of it and find out what works and what doesn’t.